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NonWood Resource Consulting

Since its founding, the Danforth Group has been instrumental in expanding the opportunities for the use of nonwood resources in a broad range of industrial applications. We do this by engaging in the research and development of emerging technologies and markets in collaboration with major corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions in the US and abroad.

The use of nonwood fibers long predates the use of wood fibers in papermaking. For 90 percent of its history, paper was made almost exclusively from non-wood plant fibers. Ts'ai Lun, credited as the inventor of paper, apparently made it from textile wastes, old rags, and used fishnets. Because of the processing that these fibers already received in the textile making process, they could be prepared for papermaking by little more than beating and macerating them in a mortar.

Today, these resources are being considered for a vast array of applications. The assessment of each value chain is critical to the most efficient use of the materials, the development of their full potential, and the maximization of your return on investment.

While the major part of the present-day pulp and paper production is based on the use of wood, other papermaking fibers may be derived from a range of resources, some examples of which are -


• Abaca
• Bamboo

• Cotton
• Flax

• True Hemp
• Jute

• Kenaf
• Ramie

Fiber Crops

Other Materials


• Seed Flax Straw
• Cereal Straws
• Soybean Hulls

• Cotton Stalks
• Tobacco Stalks


• Sugarcane Bagasse

• Textile Flax (Waste & Tow)


• Arundo Donax
• Bamboo

• Esparto (Alfa) Grass